My issue with Literature Coursework


Literature should be about someone who can write. It should be judged on the impact a piece of writing has on you as the reader. This is something the A-level misses. 

Love through the Ages is the topic of the coursework we had to do. I chose to write a piece focused on infatuation presented through Wuthering Heights, Othello and Carol Anne Duffy’s poems; Devil’s Wife and Pygmalion’s bride. Right, so this is a hard topic to focus on, I wanted to challenge. I wanted to showcase that I could write with depth and really nail points which are not obvious. Throughout my coursework, I slaved and struggled. I had to make infatuation a reflection of love, and this was incredibly hard. There was no help on the internet, it was just me and the texts.

I did 5 drafts. I got a C. People who wrote about romance, sexual tension, dominance and strains in relationships all got better grades than me. Now, here’s my problem, I chose a much harder title, I chose to challenge my self, I chose to not go down the easy route but I did not get praise. My essay was to an excellent standard. It reads well and is insightful. All I am complaining about is that fact that why should I be graded lower than someone who chose romance?

There should be a mark for the question chosen. People who choose what I consider to be the ‘harder’ question should be recognised for attempting to not write a piece about obvious topics relatively well then get an A.

I can link my essay, but it is 3,000 words. It’s worth a read to tell me what you think and whether you agree. 

My farewell.

The beauty once painted green

Has lost its vibrant lush wealth

Sprouting yellow, black and grey.

Vultures now soar through the atmosphere

Roar with in bitter anguish as they pierce

Disjointing and tearing the sky.

Nature obey and embrace the evolution of


It Twists and tangles and masks heaven on


Flowers only red, bloodshot in colour

The sea cries with pain and pollution

The pressing of time colliding with past and present.

His look, way and existence no longer a comfort

For this is the end of my world

This sense of ending, of farewell

I have known too well.

Sounds fall silent to my blocked ears

Faces are dead for I have been,


As the outer edges of my sphere collapse into me.

Stars fall, charge and crash into homes

Homes of happiness, faith and hope

Killing and murdering strangers.

I will lure lambs to be slaughtered

Take innocence from the weak

Hurt those who cannot hurt me.

Try to heal myself through others

But that beauty that was green is now dead

And that love I had for life gone.

I will myself become a vulture

Pick at the decay, lost, and end

I will fly above the sea and pour out my heart

Spoil and dilute it murky black.

Time will stop

As this is it

My farewell.

General studies asked me ‘Is Harry Potter a Classic?’

First thing Tuesday morning. The bell rings and next hour will consist of me trying to keep awake and constantly looking up at the clock. Why did I choose general studies I ask myself. This subject doesn’t give me anything ‘general’ nor any knowledge. However, today a question arose and most of the class was suddenly alive, biting at each other. My teacher had asked, ‘Is Harry Potter a classic novel?’ I expected all the class to agree, assuming that they did not really understand the concept of a ‘novel’ or even ‘classic.’ But, there was one person who faced the growling animals and insisted that it was NOT a classic. He then started listing novels such as, Jane Eye, Wuthering Heights, Emma…basically any Bronte novel ( We all had our doubts that he had actually read these). So he was then interrogated about why he thought this, his reasoning was that these reads were a challenge and the language used is complex. Furthermore, he suggested that Harry Potter was an easy read and it’s the films which made the novel one which people wanted to read.

So, I came to the point which I myself had to ask myself whether Harry Potter can be called a classic. But, firstly I had to think why I considered The Great Gatsby and Great expectations to be classics. Sure, the language can be a struggle and they present ideas which are complex, but what makes them a read we still aspire to get through?

Harry Potter for me does have the potential to be a classic, but I don’t think it will ever live up to any of the classics I have mentioned. For me, it is not a classic in it’s own right. The story-line itself may be ‘clever’ but I don’t think any one novel in the whole Harry Potter collection can stand by itself. They all need each other to be *that* must read. Whereas, most classics are usually just the one book.

Maybe it’s just me but when I read Wuthering Heights, I was not wanting more nor needed more. J.K Rowling left her readers wanting more for the profits. So for me, a classic also is about the writer. I always like a writer who doesn’t milk it.

Today 6th May.

Been writing a little bit of a start of a script. Seems to not be of that significance to be fair. Last year was the only real time I had the time to write. All these exams this year have really pulled my excitement to write to a low. These days i’m in bed at 10 and up at 7. Oh, with a nap at 5 until 6pm. I’ve been thinking a lot today. A lot about what I should do with my life. I have a place at Keele University to do a degree in Literature and Film Studies, but beyond that I have no clue where to go or do. For me, I like to plan and know and today I just can’t see my life. That old question of ‘Where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ is haunting me. I wonder how far down the line I will be until I decide. I’ve heard that even some people in there 30s still have no clue what to do with themselves. All I know is that I don’t want to settle for what I get. I need to make things happen, it’s just I don’t know how…

To blog or not to blog. Is that really the question?

Blogging. I know so many people do it. I know that it could be a chance for a writer to be spotted. However, the amount of time put into this simple little box, with the normal correction tools, seems a bit….simple. What i’ve seen from the 10 minutes it took to set this up, is that it’s really amount the time, effort and sheer quality of the writer. With this, I think that you really do have to write to your heart’s content but also, make it something worthwhile.

So I open up the red curtains and unveil my writing….

Hope you enjoy the show.Image