My farewell.

The beauty once painted green

Has lost its vibrant lush wealth

Sprouting yellow, black and grey.

Vultures now soar through the atmosphere

Roar with in bitter anguish as they pierce

Disjointing and tearing the sky.

Nature obey and embrace the evolution of


It Twists and tangles and masks heaven on


Flowers only red, bloodshot in colour

The sea cries with pain and pollution

The pressing of time colliding with past and present.

His look, way and existence no longer a comfort

For this is the end of my world

This sense of ending, of farewell

I have known too well.

Sounds fall silent to my blocked ears

Faces are dead for I have been,


As the outer edges of my sphere collapse into me.

Stars fall, charge and crash into homes

Homes of happiness, faith and hope

Killing and murdering strangers.

I will lure lambs to be slaughtered

Take innocence from the weak

Hurt those who cannot hurt me.

Try to heal myself through others

But that beauty that was green is now dead

And that love I had for life gone.

I will myself become a vulture

Pick at the decay, lost, and end

I will fly above the sea and pour out my heart

Spoil and dilute it murky black.

Time will stop

As this is it

My farewell.

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