My issue with Literature Coursework


Literature should be about someone who can write. It should be judged on the impact a piece of writing has on you as the reader. This is something the A-level misses. 

Love through the Ages is the topic of the coursework we had to do. I chose to write a piece focused on infatuation presented through Wuthering Heights, Othello and Carol Anne Duffy’s poems; Devil’s Wife and Pygmalion’s bride. Right, so this is a hard topic to focus on, I wanted to challenge. I wanted to showcase that I could write with depth and really nail points which are not obvious. Throughout my coursework, I slaved and struggled. I had to make infatuation a reflection of love, and this was incredibly hard. There was no help on the internet, it was just me and the texts.

I did 5 drafts. I got a C. People who wrote about romance, sexual tension, dominance and strains in relationships all got better grades than me. Now, here’s my problem, I chose a much harder title, I chose to challenge my self, I chose to not go down the easy route but I did not get praise. My essay was to an excellent standard. It reads well and is insightful. All I am complaining about is that fact that why should I be graded lower than someone who chose romance?

There should be a mark for the question chosen. People who choose what I consider to be the ‘harder’ question should be recognised for attempting to not write a piece about obvious topics relatively well then get an A.

I can link my essay, but it is 3,000 words. It’s worth a read to tell me what you think and whether you agree. 

One thought on “My issue with Literature Coursework

  1. Did the teacher use a standard grading rubric? I too have taken the harder topic choices to challenge myself in several of my college courses, but only once did it bite me in the end. However, after reading her grading rubric, I realized where I missed the mark. I would love to read your essay–I love essays and am sad that it is primarily reserved for academic writing these days. Some of the best essays I’ve ever read were meant for the masses (take for example the Federalist Papers, and any one of John Locke’s essays). Oh, and since I am a Lit major I would love to read your take on the topic.

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