F*ck having a ‘Media’ shaped body!

Diets. Every girl and woman has been on one. Whether they managed to last a day,  a week or a month.

To be at a normal weight for your height seems to not matter these days.

It seems to be that it is whether you have *that*  Dita Von Teese waist:


or *that* Beyonce stomach:


and *that* bum Rihanna has been blessed with:


Oh, and  *that* Katy Perry rack:


To be deemed as fit, attractive or hot.

It’s becoming a culture for people to look skinny or slender. It all about *looking* rather than being or appearing healthy. Health seems to be out of the window, especially for teenagers. It’s all those pictures and clothes with young female adults flaunting their bodies and then them gaining attention. This need for attention is starting to become the craze. Being skinnier than your friend or have a thigh gap. I think it is terrible that I cannot feel comfortable in my own skin yet I have a perfectly healthy weight and BMI.

Why do I feel fat? Why do I want to diet? Why do I feel like I need these features? More importantly why am I being made to feel this way?

Skinny is not being underweight, that is a totally other matter. Skinny now is what is meant by looking healthy. If you have a little bit here and there, but still are at a healthy weight, then why is this associated with being fat. I just do not understand how a girl who is size 8 like myself, but does not appear skinny, can be called fat…. Sometimes I feel pressured into stating that I am in fact a size 8. Not because I want to show off or brag and be a sheep to the media. BUT, because I don’t look what these models look like. Sure even a size 8 is not even in the media, but people like Katy Perry are size 8, yet I certainly don’t have her body. Nor do I want it, I am not a pop star, or model my assets for money. I don’t sell myself as a product or need to look perfect to be deemed the hottest woman in the world. I am sorry but that is also stupid. How can we say who is the number 1  hottest woman in the world. How can we possibly do that?! All we are doing is making these people rich from their looks not their talents.

This culture of diets is destroying the freedom of living. It’s making the expectations of women increase. Men will become more desirous of women who know how to diet. Men will soon be able to freely tell us to lose weight. They could tell us to get *that* stomach because it is achievable. For me, it needs to stop. I am sick of men staring at these models who have the body which I will never have. I am fucking sick of groups of lads commenting on women and saying they are fit on their Facebook photos because their dignity is hanging out. I am not changing my body to look ‘fit’ because I am healthy. I can eat what makes me feel good, what these men don’t realize is that these women in the media are pressured to stay that way or they are out.

Imagine if Katy Perry put weight on, mankind might actually collapse.

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