They elevate me, which is nice.

It’s a Monday.

I know that I have to wake up, but cannot. I want to just be able to lift myself out of this. I do not even know what *this* is. For days I have been dreading getting up. I hate the feeling of light. I like the curtains shut. I like to shut myself out of the world and pretend that there’s no-one out there. It’s a comfort. Almost a fantasy for me. I live in it, then come out of it. I ordered some black out beauties. They are the best invention man has made for me. I have no interest in television nor the internet. I do not ever want to be sucked into that kind of thing. It’s stupid if you ask me, to become absorbed into that. People shouting at each other, sexuality being thrown in your face, it’s like they want to corrupt you. They want you to become what you weren’t ever going to become. I choose to be higher.

To not become anything less of myself.

My feet are sore, I went out last night.  It’s the only time I feel safe to. All those stupid waste of creations keep in there caves with Mummy and Daddy. I can freely walk where I want, because no-one wants to talk to me. I sometimes buy some drugs, but that’s just when I’m in a all time low.

They elevate me, which is nice.

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