Life in Linear

I see, I see, I can

Nothing but a dog

Waiting for love, a stroke

A bone

Its been night, day, time

Passes me waiting, longing

Lights on, off, on, off


Head nod, weights, heavy

Hands rough, work, paste

Water drips, slow rush

Time to sleep, can’t

Eyes too distressed, tired

I’m tired, tired, tired

Repetitive, everything is repetitive

Ongoing, is it Thursday?

Blackness in my system

Bleaching my organs

Acid fire, sore, hunchback

Weak to breath, collapsing

Heaving passage, a dam

Beavers claw at it, release

Just settle down, in and out

Calm the air, take it in, accept

A fog demon blocks light

Bulbs don’t work, no electric

I think it’s Thursday?

Blind eyes look through rose

In the mist of day, night

No one here, knows, existent

Everything red, different shades

Fire brick, flame, folly, lust

People lust, they do, beady eyes

Glare, tearing up, viewing

Thoughts erasing, hate blaring

Lusting for admiration,

Like a dog

Waiting for love, a stroke

A bone.

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