Offer a lift, take me home

Sing along to the story of my life

Drill yourself in the head you’re crazy

So they say, tell me

Lies, lies lies spill out my dangerous mouth

I feel hostile, aggressive,on edge, murderer

Demons whisper loudly, you can’t hear

I suffer, not in silence

Crave attention, comfort

I woe, woe woe all the time

Who can help me, you nor I

Don’t want help, a friend

Friends are dead, limited, it’s me

They say,so they say

Cannibals they are,eat me up

The men, boys, liars users pests

I could carry on, if you cared

Shunted out in the world, vulnerable

With my black bags, shoes, no coat

Thoughts be it soon, blood spillt out my arm

Into thin air, a fantasy tale

I wish death upon me, safely, painless


In my system is you, your shit

Fucking lies, thoughts and terror

Beating of a heart, not mine

What can I do, sing with you?

Belong to you?

Tell me, tell me, I need an answer

Who can I be?

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