Stuck to the fridge.

Take a drink
Sip up the sweetness
Of my blood, look it’s black
Red in the light of air
In the air i turn into red
When in company
I breathe heavy, pile over
In fear or insecurity?
I don’t know which
You’re the doctor
Please tell me
Tell them to stop
I can’t live in this fantasy
In your lie that you live
I smile, let myself be yours
Why though? Love?
Compassion, honesty?
Lies, fibs, tells is everything
Nothing now, anything now?
Let it flow, be attacking
Walk, run leave, go
I can’t do it, live
Death death death
Shut up and listen to me
Breathe breathe breathe
Can’t be here, there, anywhere
Happy sad sad sad sad
Can’t touch feel, heal
In your memory I remain
Trying to be her
Because you’re ill
Dead, betrayed, hurt, angry
Everything I cant deal with
I’m sorry
Can’t apologise, be forgiven
It’s too late, it’s done, stone
I’m in purgatory, hell to me
Can’t fight it, survive the devil
Where is he? That’s the fear
Could be outside, window ledge
Waiting waiting waiting
So afraid of the future
Baby, house, career, when? How?
On my shoulder is nothing but
The devil, he’s there
What do I do? I cant hide
Drink up my own blood
Taste what’s so delicious in me
What keeps head, heart
Eat me up, ravish my body
Suck it all up, drink, drain
Shock me, hurt me, hit me
Push, whip, want to play?
Fuck me over, you know how.

Child who I was Has died and gone It’s a sad tale Not one to remember If you could listen Hear my thoughts and cry Hold me as I Struggle within you I don’t know who I am Yet I want to be her Where they say I seem to not care I want to play today […]