Child who I was

Has died and gone

It’s a sad tale

Not one to remember

If you could listen

Hear my thoughts and cry

Hold me as I

Struggle within you

I don’t know who I am

Yet I want to be her

Where they say

I seem to not care

I want to play today

Tickle you and laugh

Hold your hand safe

It’s now that I need

I should of stayed

Gone home to you

I miss miss miss missing

Take me down to the swing

Push me into the sky

Anything to see into the deep

Into the prism of heaven

Into the pure white

Showtime is at dawn

Burn alight

Take away the darkness.

One thought on “

  1. You always find a way to express emotion that people are afraid of in the way people think it, in other words it’s brilliant, and you’re a highly original writer! Keep this up!

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