It’s walking with me,
Sometimes dances in shadows
Flutters of memories
Kindly wrecking my present,
Noises of laughter
Stretches staring into my eyes
Snaps shouting hunger, thirst
Run whilst you can, naive girl,
Dumb, tough, independent
Rush, seconds, minutes,
Time I have, clocks aren’t ticking
My world is at a stop
Is this it?
Three years down the line
Waiting to start being me, after this,
When is now, now being happiness
Who am I?
Typical depressive, manic
Add a carer a feeder,
All I can think about is you
Did I do this to revenge you?
Forget it all, remember the laughs
Our dreams our jokes, passion, excitement
Sleeping into your body, toastie warmth at twilight hour,
Bonding our bodies together every hour, Holding onto the smell the touch of your skin
Imprinting, forever molded, phantom.

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