The Twisted Lure of Net-Predators

This is my outcry. My disgust, my hate and my heart. 

I am sick of the vile men in this world. My stomach churns at the thought that as I write this there are men out there grooming. It’s not even a thought, its a fact. It is a fact that as you read this, an innocent girl will be reading the messages from a man posing. I feel sick to the core that we cannot prevent this. We can put in place things, but it is an illusion. I can easily enter a chatroom right now and get chatting within the hour. That’s all it takes…

I don’t think these young girls are warned enough. I don’t think they understand what these chatrooms are for. Maybe at an older age you are mature enough. But, I don’t think we as a society are protecting the younger generation. Especially with this giant push in technology. All these websites, chatrooms, groups, private messages, twitter ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect.

“Nearly 75 percent of victims who met offenders face-to-face did so more than once.”

I am going to confess something. It’s hard for me to admit this, but for this cause it is important. Maybe you might read my post and just think this is a generic post, it’s just for entertainment, that kind of thing. But, I know all about young girls and chatrooms, because when I was a 13 year old I used a chatroom called QUEEP.

I was an innocent, lonely girl. I found myself obsessing. Obessing over having someone to talk to. Obsessing whether I was able to fit in. My ‘friends’ were all adults. I found myself falling deeper and deeper. Being pulled into a hole, a hole full of things a girl should never find. Full of whispers. Full of pretence and lies. I heard whispers in this hole. The voices made me feel sick, violated. I didn’t know where they were coming from or what they wanted. All I knew is that I was safe in that hole, in my room, with my phone. I knew that I could not go beyond this hole to know the faces belonging to these voices, I even was able to say ‘No’. I knew not to tell them my address or my full name. I was quite mature. I almost found it a test, I wanted to see how far I could push a stranger. How sick they could go.

 “Internet offenders manipulate young people into criminal sexual relationships by appealing to young people’s desire to be appreciated, understood, take risks, and find out about sex.”

Now, I think about those adults I had regular chats to. I think about how I got away. How it could of so easily been different. I probably was in danger. I more than likely was speaking to a freak. A twisted fuck, who was sat grooming me, amongst others my age (more than likely)

And I let myself be drawn in.

Now, older and mature, I realise how easy it is for girls to find themselves in the same situation. Being told things and having to grow up in conversations to enable them to hold a mature person.

I think that there should be more films, advertisements and documentaries that are in place to educate. I think that with real life stories, it will make people realise it does happen. People always think it won’t happen to them, or their daughters, nieces, grandchildren ect. But it does. Maybe not their daughter, but someone else’s.

I plea that young girls will know not to turn to the internet. It can be the perfect place for those in society who are twisted.

Read this:

As quoted- “The boogey man is real. And he lives on the Net. He lived in my computer — and he lives in yours,” she said, looking at the lawmakers. “While you are sitting here, he is at home with your children.”